Aisha Deebo

Aisha Deebo


Aisha Deebo

Father: Mighty Cassius
Makhulu Rafa x Mighty Lika 1

Mother: Optima Avanza 1 (Nala),
Spitsvuur Ramkat x Sumsare Avanza

Deebo was the first black Dog born at Aisha Boerboel’s. It was an exciting breeding bringing together Mighty Cassius very old bloodline with excellent health to the oldest known “K” pedigree dogs. Nala’s side is packed full of dogs like the Muller sisters on her pedigree, lots of Cabaret greats all behind the most famous of them all, Nala’s father Spitsvuur Ramkat

Deebo will be prepared after this autumn’s Sabbs Appraisals to join the stud team

Height : TBC
Weight : TBC
Hip :  TBC
Elbows : TBC
Free from eye Disease : TBC
Echo : TBC
DNA profiled: TBC
DNA screened: TBC
SABBS registration : Yes
BI registration : No
Appraisal score : TBC
K pedigree: yes
D.O.B : 14/12/2021

Semen Available internationally

Fresh / chilled 24/48 hrs
Frozen available on request via contact form

£3000 Stud Fee

Please contact Aisha Boerboels for more information