About the Boerboel

The Boerboel originates from South Africa and is of the Mastiff type. It is a large and powerful dog and was originally bred by South African farmers as a working dog for herding and protecting the herd and the farmers.

Its name comes from the Afrikaans words “boer” which means farmer and “boel” which is a shorting of the word “boelhond”, which means “bulldog”. Boerboel literally translates in English from Afrikaans to farm dog.

Boerboels and History

Boerboels and the early dogs they descend from are also sometimes called the South African Mastiff, the Boer Mastiff, the Boer Dog or Boer Hunting dog.

Like all Mastiff type dogs, Boerboels are believed to be descended from the “Molosser”, “Molossus” or “Molossoird” dogs and are believed to be one of the oldest known groups in the world.

It is believed that the Boerboel as we know it today is likely to have been shaped and formed via breeding with the Dutch Bullenbijter and other Mastiff type dogs from France and Germany. It is also likely that as part of the English colonialism, the English Mastiff was also introduced to the bloodlines.

Characteristics of a Boerboel

Boerboels are naturally very protective and have strong guarding instincts. Like all mastiffs, Boerboels are calm, confident and balanced dogs and can be fearless.

They are very intelligent dogs, so along with its size, confidence and drive, they make excellent family guard dogs.