Waiting List Terms and Conditions

By sending the deposit the client is agreeing to the T&C’s of the waiting list system.

Refunds for waiting list is Non refundable unless Aisha Boerboel’s decides it cannot meet the requirements laid out or deems the applicant not suitable for whatever reason at a later date, Aisha Boerboel’s doesn’t have to elaborate on this it’s at our consideration.

The deposit is for a place on the waiting list.

Aisha Boerboel’s does not take deposits for pups especially pups that haven’t been born as we deem this practice unethical.

The waiting list deposit is deducted off the final balance of the Pup.

Clients do not have to take a pup from a litter and we will never pressure them to do so, Remember our job is to match the correct puppy’s with the correct families to the best of our abilities with the information provided so we will happily defer clients onto future litters that suit them and which will also help them select the correct puppy’s that suit their requirements.

Offers will be made for pups to be considered in good time to allow the client to organise the pups transition into the family home.

Aisha Boerboel’s does not allow 1st picks we breed for our breeding program above ANYTHING However sometimes we don’t see what we was looking for and make this position available to the waiting list or maybe we want only 1 sex then the sex we don’t keep will be again offered to the waiting list in order.

If our offers are ignored the pup will be offered to the next client on the waiting list A reminder again it’s first come first serve on the basis of order on the waiting list and the client will carry on progressing up the waiting list sometimes clients will make use of this benefit to get in stronger positions to select pups out of litters.

A visit at week 6 to meet the pup will be arranged via appointment only

The digital version of the puppy contract must be singed online via

Aishaboerboels.co.uk before week 7

The balance for the puppy must be made before week 7 to allow the preparation of the pup ready for collection.

International clients must pay balance of the pup, Vet fees and The shipping quotation by week 7, Aisha Boerboel’s cannot guarantee third party shipping quotes all quotes will be shared directly from shipper to the client we do not profit off any shipping arrangements we arrange and facilitate them to the best of our abilities, Aisha boerboels will not be held financially liable for any costs of missed or cancelled flights out of our control.

Aisha Boerboel’s cannot be held Liable for sudden illness or death of any livestock before collection or shipping that is out of our control we will move deposit and or funds onto the next litter.

Applicants must complete all the steps when necessary and when prompted to do so.