Aisha Sharpie (Nala)

Aisha Sharpie (Nala) Aisha Sharpie (Nala) Aisha Sharpie (Nala) Aisha Sharpie (Nala) Aisha Sharpie (Nala) Aisha Sharpie (Nala)


Aisha Sharpie (Nala)
Father: Sandaharr El Camino (Pablo)
Mother: Mm Indzhi (Ruby)

Nala is one of the three sisters from the Pablo x Ruby Combinations. Like them all they have their own qualities. Dakota is a beautiful tall brindle, soft natured female. Lula is a very wide thick  strong temperament female but Nala is the most balanced temperament of the three sisters and can often be seen with her niece Aisha Ella as a testament to her temperament.

Nala is the highest appraised out the three sisters Although non have been live appraised due to COVID. They all have Zoom appraisal scores.

Nala is the most like her mother Ruby out of the three sisters. Nala is a very feminine female with great volume, good bone, excellent movement and very well put together. Nala is a beautiful deep red like her Brother Aisha El’Chapo.

Nala doesn’t have any major faults. Nala is very well put together. She could be cleaner around the eyes and have better pigmentation.

That is always focused on when selecting a Studmale

Height : 62cm
Weight : 60kg
Hip :  TBC
Elbows : TBC
Free from eye Disease : TBC
Echo : TBC
DNA profiled: TBC
DNA screened: TBC
SABBS registration : yes
BI registration : parents known
Appraisal score : 83.9% SABBS
K pedigree: no
D.O.B : 29/04/2019

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