Thank you for considering Aisha Boerboels as the breeder for your Boerboel Puppy.

Aisha Boerboels are an ethical breeder and we put a lot of time and effort into our kennel, the dogs we breed and the puppies we produce. We care deeply for all of our dogs and any puppies that we produce. Therefore we have a careful selection process to ensure that our puppies go the best homes possible. We always try to ensure that not only is an Aisha Boerboels puppy the right dog for yous but also that you are the right match for an Aisha Boerboel puppy.

Aisha BoerBoel’s does not dictate what puppy our client’s purchase.We try and match puppies from our litters to the best and most suitable home. We are here to offer support and advice from the start, helping guide our client’s to make the best possible decisions from puppy selection, through to ownership of an Aisha Boerboel. Our experienced support continues throughout all key development stages and throughout the lifespan of your Aisha Boerboel.

To be entered onto Aisha Boerboels waiting list requires a £200 deposit. This is a non refundable deposit to enter the waiting list and it is not a deposit on a puppy. By joining the waiting list, applicants will be placed in order of registration onto our waiting list. When you progress through the stages detailed below through to your purchase an Aisha Boerboels puppy, your deposit will be deducted from the remaining balance when your puppy is ready to be invoiced for collection.

The starting price for Aisha Boerboel puppies is £3000 unless otherwise agreed. This is the UK price for an Aisha Boerboel puppy and is based on collection when the puppy is 8 weeks old. Later collections are available but may incurr additional costs. Delivery can also be arranged at additional costs. For international clients, please contact us for a quote for shipping a puppy as dependent on the receiving country, additional costs will be incurred to cover shipping/transport and additional veterinary costs.

Potential owners must complete the online booking process below and follow the stages in the necessary order in the necessary time frames from stages 1 / 3. 

Step 1

Complete the online application form below.

Participate in a telephone conversation & a video call or home visit. We will discuss with you if a video call or home visit is best suited for both the client and Aisha Boerboel’s 

Step 2

If following step 1, you and we are happy to proceed, an invoice for a non-refundable £200 deposit is generated for payment to enter the waiting list. If following reminders this invoice remains unpaid, your application may be cancelled and your position on the waiting list lost.

After entering the Aisha Boerboels waiting list, we offer an Invitation by appointment to meet Aisha BoerBoel’s and discuss what upcoming litters meet suitability

Invitation to meet pups around 6 weeks of age by appointment only 

Step 3 

Client is to complete the Aisha Boerboels puppy contract which will automatically generated an invoice for the full balance before the puppy is 7 weeks of age. If following reminders this invoice remains unpaid, your application may be cancelled and the puppy offered to the next waiting list place.

This is so that the pups final preparation can be carried out ready for collection by appointment at 8 weeks of age.

Client collects their new Aisha Boerboel puppy by appointment once veterinarian’s have cleared the pup fit and healthy 

Please Note: Proof of id will be required before any visits to Aisha Boerboel’s and or collection of any pups and any payment is made for the waiting list.

Step 1: Waiting List Application

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The questions below and the answers you provide are used by Aisha Boerboels to help advise and direct you to the right dog. This information is used soley to help us and you identify the best puppy that matches your home, lifestyle and environment. The lifespan of a Boerboel is generally between 10-12 years and we want you to enjoy owinging this wonderful breed from selecting the right puppy and through the dogs entire life with you.

This information is only for Aisha Boerboels and is not shared with anyone.
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Aisha Boerboels cannot guarantee to meet these requirements in every litter, however we will always do our best to successfully pair puppies to to the correct home from the information provided throughout the application process.

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Please elaborate on how an Aisha Boerboel will fit into your life and family home and what role will the Aisha Boerboel live out on a day to day basis:
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Please confirm you have read and agree to the Aisha Boerboels Waiting List Terms and Conditions (here)

After pressing submit, you will receive an email confirming your application and payment details.

Aisha Boerboel’s reserves the right to amend or adjust any of the above at any time.