International Semen Donors Terms and Conditions

Payment must me made before any collection is allocated to the client, full semen reports from the repo vet will be disclosed relevant to your allocated collection the collection consists of 6 straws 1ml per 10 kilos of the females body weight standard collections will suit a female up to 60 kilos, Females over 60 kilos will need extra straws at a additional fee.

A standard collection will be £2000 plus shipping fees

Frozen semen collections

A standard collection will be £2000 plus shipping fees

Each additional collection will be an additional £1000 and consists of 6 x 1ml straws so for example

6 straws (6 x 1ml straws) £2000 plus shipping

Additional collection (6 x 1ml straws) £1000

Chilled Semen collections

Chilled semen collections will be 6ml of freshly chilled semen with a 10 day extender added to the 6ml of fresh semen to allow travel and ovulation times, Same conditions apply for additional collections.

Additional collections must be shipped at the same time as the standard collection.

The Terms and Conditions applies to frozen and chilled.

Aisha BoerBoel’s cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by the Shipper or Customs clearance, our advice is to get a shipment that’s insured by the company handling the shipping.

Aisha BoerBoel’s will provide a “wake up report” for your allocated collection (s), Aisha BoerBoel’s cannot be held responsible for semen woke up incorrectly at its destination.

The client must provide Aisha BoerBoel’s with the necessary international delivery details, vaccinations & customs information so we can prepare the collection to meet your country’s legal requirements for shipping live chilled & frozen semen please check your country’s requirements post covid a lot has changed also we are no longer part of the EU.

A Sabbs stud service sheet will also be provided on the departure of the collection.