Klein Sandfontein Nevaeh

Klein Sandfontein Neveah Klein Sandfontein Neveah Klein Sandfontein Nevaeh Klein Sandfontein Nevaeh Klein Sandfontein Nevaeh


Klein Sandfontein Nevaeh

Father: Klein Sandfontein The Sting
Mother: Klein Sandfontein Nitey Nite

Boerboel GB 1st Place Class 5a (Female 12-15 months) 2022
Boerboel GB Junior Champion Female 2022

Neveah was carefully handpicked with the help of our good friend Beverli Katz at Klein Sandfontein Boerboel’s in South Africa.

Now the that that the court case’s are settled in South Africa and “the Black Boerboel” can be “legally” exported with full SA/Studbook Sabbs paperwork, we have started to bring the black boerboel into our program without compromising on ethics or quality.

Beverli set out fulfilling our high demands. Neveah was selected for her awesome frame size, movement & health you would expect from KS BoerBoel’s, SA/Studbook breeder of the year 2020.

Nevaeh arrived in the UK at Aisha BoerBoel’s early 2022 and she will be appraised in October with Sabbs and health tested accordingly to join the Aisha Stud in 2023

Height : 66cm
Weight : 65kg
Hip :  TBC
Elbows : TBC
Free from eye Disease : TBC
Echo : TBC
DNA profled: TBC
DNA screened: TBC
SABBS registration : yes
BI registration : no
Appraisal score : 83.7% SABBS
K pedigree: Yes SP registration
D.O.B : 03/08/21

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