Contract of Co-ownership

Aisha BoerBoel’s will occasionally consider Co-own opportunities. We lay out the terms and conditions on which we will allow Co-own opportunities to take place. These terms and conditions are a bolt on and in addition to our contract of sale (puppy contract) & financial agreement contract. All 3 contracts must me signed and upheld.

The financial agreement, (arrangements) is agreed between both party’s on a case by case basis. This is so that an even and fair financial agreement can be drawn up and documented for future reference and be included with the Contract of sale and Contract of co-ownership before any co-owns leave Aisha BoerBoels Guardianship.

Co-owns will remain registered with Sabbs under Aisha BoerBoel’s name. Co-owns will remain in the legal ownership of Aisha BoerBoel’s under UK law until the Co-own arrangement has been fulfilled, expired or cancelled. The Co-own will then be ether signed over to the Co-owner as a Pet (neutered) or returned to Aisha BoerBoel’s (Un-neutered) depending on the circumstances the Co-ownership has been dissolved. In some cases we will sign full ownership over to the co-owner to remain in their ownership as a breeding dog if we are satisfied that ethical breeding practices will be adhered to.

The Co-owner must allow Aisha BoerBoel’s access to the dog for development assessment, health testing to be appraised etc throughout the 1st 18 months so that it can be prepared to join the stud team.

The co-owner must adhere to the terms and conditions laid out in our contract of sale (puppy contract). We expect the same level of care for our co-owns as all pups that’s leave Aisha BoerBoel’s guardianship.

Once the co-owned dog has passed all its breeding evaluations, it’s stud services will only be listed by Aisha BoerBoel’s and only on Aisha BoerBoel’s social media outlets and website’s owned by Aisha BoerBoels.

Aisha BoerBoel’s oversee and has final say on all co-own breedings and stud services.

No co-own will he neutered without permission of Aisha BoerBoel’s.

No co-own will be rehoused, relocated or re-homed without permission of Aisha BoerBoel’s.

Any pups that are born in and outside of this contract are and will remain the property of Aisha BoerBoels unless otherwise agreed.

Any pups born outside of this contract without the permission of Aisha BoerBoel’s will not gain ANY registration until a financial penalty is paid to Aisha BoerBoel’s, agreed on a case by case basis by Aisha BoerBoel’s. If we feel it’s in the benefit of the breed to allow registration of these puppy’s.

The Contract of co-ownership is very formal and direct as we believe it should be. If we are to consider allowing people to become guardians of our breeding dogs, we expect a high level of professionalism and duty of care. Co-ownership is not a cheap way into owning an Aisha BoerBoel, this is to be considered legal partnership.


Co-ownership contract, Financial agreement.

The financial agreement falls into the below sub-category’s,

Level of co-ownership % to be agreed by both party’s will be influenced by the purchase price & funds that will be awarded to the Co-owner.

Purchase price to be agreed £0/£3000

Co-own males

Stud-fee’s, funds to be awarded from studs to be agreed, after costs incurred.

Co-own females

Funds % agreed to be awarded to co-owner from litters of the Co-own females, after costs incurred.