Aisha BoerBoel’s will occasionally consider Co-ownership (Co-Own) opportunities. We lay out the terms and conditions on which we will allow Co-own opportunities to take place. For more details, please see the Co-Ownership Terms and Conditions.

The financial agreement, (arrangements) is agreed between both party’s on a case by case basis. This is so that an even and fair financial agreement can be drawn up and documented for future reference and be included with the Contract of sale and Contract of co-ownership before any co-owns leave Aisha BoerBoels Guardianship.

The Contract of co-ownership is very formal and direct as we believe it should be. If we are to consider allowing people to become guardians of our breeding dogs, we expect a high level of professionalism and duty of care.

Co-ownership is not a cheap way into owning an Aisha BoerBoel. This is to be considered a legal partnership.