Sandahar El Camino (Pablo)

Sandahar El Camino (Pablo) Sandahar El Camino (Pablo) Sandahar El Camino (Pablo) Sandahar El Camino (Pablo)


Sandaharr El Camino (Pablo)
Father : Ataraxia Darwin
Mother: Sandaharr Ambitious (Zola)

Pablo is from the very old Ysterberg linage. Ysterberg is traceable to the earliest records of the Boerboel’s documented history. Pablo was born via Frozen semen from a private collection in Australia from Ataraxia kennel by Sandaharr BoerBoel’s in Scotland; one of the oldest UK BoerBoel kennels who have the largest collection of Ysterberg blood in the uk and beyond

Pablo is very large male in a brindle coat. In his prime he touched 90 kilos. His calm balanced temperament is very well known and respected in the UK BoerBoel community. He also brings excellent health with these attributes,

Pablo will bring Size, Health and temperament to your program. We recommend Pablo is Put to tight faced bitches with strong rear conformation. That is his only vice.

Height : 70cm
Weight : 88kg in prime
Hip :  A-B BVA (13) 6-7
Elbows : 0-0
Free from eye Disease : yes
Echo : TBC
DNA profiled: Yes
DNA screened: MyDigdna full panel
SABBS registration: Yes
BI registration: Yes
Appraisal score : 83.4%
K pedigree: No
D.O.B : 19/07/2015

£3000 Stud Fee

Please contact Aisha Boerboels for more information