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Mighty Kima

Mighty Kima Mighty Kima Mighty Kima Mighty Kima Mighty Kima


Mighty Kima

Father: Afrika Patron
Mother: Mighty Zula

Mighty Kima was the 1st female we imported from South Africa along with Mighty Cassius

Kima is daughter to Afrika Patron, a phenomenal Studmale for Afrika Boerboel’s in south Afrika. Afrika Patron studded for a decade. Kima is bred on the old Mighty lines with some of the most impressive Boerboel’s ever produced by Mighty Boerboel’s in her pedigree

Kima phenotypically is a very masculine female and a showstopper. unfortunately Kima’s breeding career was cut short after a uterus infection and had to have a very large complex operation to save her life. She has made a full recovery and enjoying a very well earned retirement with very special members of the Aisha Boerboel family

Height : 66cm
Weight : 65 kilos
Hip : 3/4 A-A
Elbows : 0-0
Free from eye Disease : yes
VH : Yes
Echo : TBC
DNA profiled: Yes
Dna screened: Yes
SABBS registration : yes
BI registration : yes
Appraisal score : 85.6 sabbs linear
K pedigree: no
D.O.B :


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