Aisha Vader (Odin)

Aisha Vader (Odin) Aisha Vader (Odin) Aisha Vader (Odin)


Aisha Vader (Odin)

Father: Mighty Cassius 85.5% A-A 0-0
Mother: Mighty Kima 85.6% A-A 0-0

Odin was the Highest SABBS Appraised UK Bred Dog of 2022

Odin oozes his strong Mighty Boerboel heritage that runs through this males pedigree. Odin also scored a magnificent 87.5%L at his 1st appraisals at a still young 26 months so there is possibly more to come for Odin already out scoring all the other UK breed males in the UK. What’s next ?

Odin is what we aim to breed here at Aisha Boerboel’s and that’s the unmistakable phenotype Of a South African mastiff. Odin is clearly a Boerboel and can’t be mistaken for another breed like the modern American Bully type we see of late

Odin brings together Quality & Health without compromising with his Perfect A-A 0-0 hip and elbows. Odin is also DNA profile & Screened

Odin a well socialised, mentality balanced male who lives with his family owners in the south of England

Height : 70cm
Weight : 86kg
Hip :  A-A
Elbows : 0-0
Free from eye Disease : clear
VH Clear : N/A
Echo : TBC
DNA profiled: Yes
DNA screened: Yes
SABBS registration : yes
BI registration : Parents known
Appraisal score : 87.5%L @ 26 months
K pedigree: No
D.O.B : 26/6/2020

Semen Available internationally : Yes

Fresh / chilled 24/48 hrs : yes

Frozen available within ten days on request via contact form

£3000 Stud Fee

Please contact Aisha Boerboels for more information