About Aisha Boerboels

Aisha Boerboels are a South African Boerboel or Mastiff breeder, located in Stoke on Trent, UK.

We breed South African Boerboels and are proud to be registered breeders with SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders Society), The South African Studbook and BBGB (Boerboel GB).

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Aisha Boerboels are committed and contracted to strict breeding ethics and standards.

Aisha Boerboels was initially created in 2015 and we purchased our first 3 studbook breeding dogs from within the UK.

Since then, we have continued to import the best breeding stock possible from South Africa and have also imported from Europe and further afield.

As responsible and ethical breeders, Aisha Boerboels aim is to breed to improve health and temperament of our Boerboels within the SABBS breed standard.

Aisha Boerboels breed to produce the best Boerboels possible in the UK, including the black Boerboel.

In recent years, Aisha Boerboels have dominated the female show categories in the UK, with numerous junior female and senior female champions or reserve champions. Many of our litters have champion bloodlines with parents having competed in open competitions with the best boerboels in the UK and won either Champion or Reserve Champion placings.

A good boerboel breeder is an accolade that is achieved not just by saying you are a good boerboel breeder or even saying you are the best boerboel breeder. This accolade is achieved by performance of litters, appraisal results and consistent show results. Many breeders import boerboels into the UK to achieve these results. Here at Aisha Boerboels, we have produced from our own kenel the highest SABBS appraised UK bred boerboel in the UK which we think speaks for itself.

We have produced in excess of 15 litters at an average of 2-3 litters per year since Aisha Boerboels was formed.

Going forward, Aisha Boerboels continues to strive to improve and better the breed with each litter and with every experience gained. We breed to maintain our programme at a pace that our waiting list of carefully vetted potential Boerboel owners allows.

We very much identify as breeders of traditional South African Boerboels and promote these values of the dogs to the UK and wider Boerboel community.

As Aisha Boerboels has matured, we have been registered with relevant councils, registered for taxation and compliance as required by UK laws. Including formation of the official company structure in order to support the needs and requirements of our kennel.

On the 12th August 2022, Aisha Boerboels became an incorporated Limited Company registered with Companies House in the UK.

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