The Importance of growing a Boerboel slowly

The Importance of growing a Boerboel slowly is often overlooked. When a Boerboel grows too quickly, this can lead to health issues later in its life.

Sometimes even us breeders need to remember the importance of growing dogs slowly.

Here we see the Day Mighty Cassius arrived in the UK at 10 months old vs last year at the 2023 Boerboel GB Best of the Best show at 7 years old.

Mighty Cassius 85.5SR BVA (7) A-A 0-0

Makhulu Rafa x Mighty Lika 1

Cassius has consistently bred the best Hip and Elbow grades in the UK with 3 BVA 0, 0-0 to his credit. Plus many A-A 0-0 offspring also.

Mighty Cassius has also bred the highest SABBS Appraised UK Bred Boerboel of 2022. This was Aisha Vader (Odin) scoring 87.5%L. Odin is health tested and DNA Screened.

Odin was appraised at the Boerboel GB 2022 Show and SABBS Appraisal. He scored 87.5%L at only 26 months old so there is still plenty of room for improvement. Odin has retained this great accolade throughout 2023.

Aisha Boerboels Quality without compromise!

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