Aisha Ronnie 2

Aisha Ronnie 2 is a very confident boy, just as a Boerboel should be.

Loading up the bin bags for the tip run and found little Ronnie making sure no harm came to the bags.

At Aisha Boerboels, we always socialise our puppies before they leave for their forever homes. Early socialising is crucial for a balanced Boerboel and we include our puppies in the daily comings and goings of the kennel.

This early socialisation exposes the puppies to new and strange noises and the general hustle and bustle of running a busy working kennel. This in turn reduces nervousness and skittish puppies and gives a good foundation for the forever homes owners to build on.

Aisha Ronnie 2

Aisha Ronnie 2

Aisha El’Capitan (Rico) x Aisha Makeda

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