SABBS Board Member Update November 2022

Following being nominated and then elected for the position of SABBS European and UK Board Member earlier this month, SABBS have now held its first board meeting following the AGM November and as this was my first SABBS board meeting, it was very helpful and informative for me.

As the board member for the UK and European region, I have already begun contacting SABBS members in the region to begin forming a team to effectively support the region. I will continue these discussions over the coming weeks.

I have been involved this month with building the 2023 SABBS Appraisal schedule for the UK and Europe. Whilst the schedule is not formal yet, it will be a busy year for Appraisals across the UK and Europe!

The support team that I am looking to engage will help to support the upcoming Appraisals and where possible, I will be hoping to attend some of the Appraisals in 2023 too and look forward to meeting new and old members of the wider Boerboel and SABBS community.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly for any SABBS matters or email and this will be forwarded to me.