SABBS Board Member Nomination

About Pete

My name is Peter Dixon and from an early age I have always been around and owned numerous dogs.

My first passion and employment was as a mechanic. I worked in garages for 26 years. starting as a weekend apprentice and progressing to become an MOT Tester. In order to carry out vehicle MOT tests in the UK required me to attain the highest level of relevant qualification. As an MOT tester, I am entrusted by the UK regulator to test vehicle safety and compliance to the legally required annual safety inspection which all vehicles must have in order to legally use the roads in the UK.

After being an MOT tester, I also worked for a company that manufactured armoured vehicles for the MOD creating vehicles for the armed services and police forces here in the UK.

Whist employed as an MOT Tester, dogs continued to play a huge part of my life and was an important hobby that I enjoyed.

During the latter years as a mechanic, my time and involvement with dogs increased. This led to what would evolve from a hobby to forming the foundations that would later become Aisha Boerboels. We soon identified a need to improve and expand the Boerboel gene pool available to Aisha Boerboels and also within the UK. We imported our first Boerboel from South Africa in 2016.


About Aisha Boerboels

Aisha Boerboels was initially created in 2015 and we purchased our first 3 studbook breeding dogs from within the UK.

Since then, we have continued to import the best breeding stock possible from South Africa and have also imported from Europe and further afield.

Aisha Boerboels aim is to breed to improve health and temperament of our Boerboels within the SABBS breed standard.

We have produced in excess of 15 litters at an average of 2-3 litters per year since Aisha Boerboels was formed.

Going forward, Aisha Boerboels continues to strive to improve and better the breed with each litter and with every experience gained. We breed to maintain our programme at a pace that our waiting list of carefully vetted potential Boerboel owners allows.

We very much identify as breeders of traditional South African Boerboels and promote these values of the dogs to the UK and wider Boerboel community.

As Aisha Boerboels has matured, we have been registered with relevant councils, registered for taxation and compliance as required by UK laws. Including formation of the official company structure in order to support the needs and requirements of our kennel.


About Boerboel GB

In addition to the success of founding Aisha Boerboels, Pete also saw the need for a non political organisation to support the breed and Boerboel owners in the UK. Boerboel GB was established in 2016 and held the first Boerboel GB event in 2017.

Following the huge success of the first event, we have hosted these events annually including the recent 2022 Boerboel GB SABBS UK appraisal and show event here in the UK.

Within Boerboel GB I have a structure and team to support with the running of the club. This resource helps maintain Boerboel GB interests and events, allowing me to also maintain the commitments of Aisha Boerboels.


My Breed History

As a young man, my first breeding experience was UK Kennel Club Boxers which were primarily family pets and a hobby. I later owned several Presa Canarios which were registered with FCI from which we had several litters and we are still in contact with some of our owners from our short time in the Presa world. Some of these owners have also since had Boerboels from us too.



I became an owner of my first female Boerboel, Koffee, in around 2012. Koffee was a huge part of our family and it was her temperament that was a big motivation to pursue our first studbook registered Boerboel, Pablo. We sadly lost Koffee earlier in summer this year.

Pablo, Sandaharr El Camino, was our first foundation breeding male and has played a huge part in our direction. Pablo became our motivation to pursue Studbook registration and we received our prefix in 2015 for Aisha Boerboels.

SABBS Board Member Nomination (representative)

Pete, was pleased and proud to be recently nominated for the position and is able to utilise the resource available to him from his support team.

My vision for the role would be to improve the Boerboel community within the UK and Europe.

We need to effectively establish a strong regional representation from each European area so that all regions can progress and improve further. This would strengthen the European Boerboel breed and community in general along with strengthening SABBS’s position as the governing society for our breed within these regions.

I will represent my breed and all regions within Europe to the fullest extent of my ability and do my utmost to fulfil the objectives and requirements of the role that I am nominated for.

Yours Faithfully