Highest SABBS Appraised UK Bred Boerboel of 2022

The highest SABBS Appraised UK Bred Boerboel of 2022 was Aisha Vader (Odin) scoring 87.5%L. Odin was appraised at the BBGB 2022 Show and SABBS Appraisal. He scored 87.5%L at only 26 months old so there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Aisha Vader (Odin)

Father: Mighty Cassius 85.5% A-A 0-0
Mother: Mighty Kima 85.6% A-A 0-0

Odin was recently mated to one of our Females and we are hoping to see his first litter soon.

Along with being the highest SABBS Appraised UK Bred Boerboel, Odin also has perfect A-A 0-0 hip and elbows. He is also DNA profile & Screened.

Odin is what we aim to breed here at Aisha Boerboel’s and that’s the unmistakable phenotype Of a South African mastiff. Odin is clearly a Boerboel and can’t be mistaken for another breed like the modern American Bully type we see of late.

He a well socialised, mentality balanced male who lives with his family owners in the south of England.

You can follow Odin on his Instagram page here or his Facebook page here

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