Aisha Vader (Odin) achieves Stud Registration

Its official, Aisha Vader (Odin) achieves Stud Registration.

Aisha Vader (Odin) 87.5% SABBS Stud Registration.

Mighty Cassius 85.5%L x Mighty Kima 85.6%L

Odin is the 1st of the five dogs that we will be offering for stud registration (SR) in the coming weeks.

We are very proud of ourselves and Odins owners. In addition, great thanks to our forefathers, Mighty Boerboels, who bred Odins grandparents and for allowing us to import them back in the early days of Aisha Boerboels journey.

Stud Register

To be listed in the Stud Register, a dog must have been appraised at 85% or higher. SABBS will include dogs in this prestigious register free of charge on application, and the following original certification must accompany applications:

  1. Females must be examined by registered veterinarians or veterinary institutions for signs of vaginal hyperplasia.  Grade 1 or better is the criterion.
  2. Hip and elbow dysplasia: A certified radiologist must certify that the Boerboel (male or female) has a hip status of between 0:0 and 1:1 or an FCI hip status of between A1 and C2, and an elbow status of 1:1 maximum.  (Contact Head Office for Penn Hip / BVA and other classification requirements.)
  3. Entropion/Ectropion: The dog must have been assessed by a SABBS appraiser as having either correct (+) or acceptable (o) for its eyelids.
  4. DNA profiles are required for all Stud Register dogs.

Aisha Vader (Odin) achieves Stud Registration.

Aisha Boerboels Quality without compromise!

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