Aisha Black Mamba (Monty)

Aisha Black Mamba (Monty) at 6 months old in his forever home.

Aisha Black Mamba is one of the many black Boerboels that Aisha Boerboels have produced.

The black boerboel isnt without controversy. A good black boerboel, like Aisha Black Mamba is a magnificent dog. The black boerboel often has a distinctive look and is very popular with owners.

Our black boerboels are usually quickly assigned to our clients that have been on our waiting list for a while and puppies dont hang around for long. If it is a black boerboel that you are looking for as your next dog, we encourage you to register on our waiting list early.

As a SABBS breeder, Aisha Boerboels refrained from breeding Black Boerboels when they were not permitted within the SABBS breed standard. Many Boerboel kennels bred the black boerboel outside of the SABBS breed standard by registering their black puppies with other registries.

For some basic info about the black Boerboel in the UK, please see our post regarding the Black Boerboel.

Aisha Black Mamba (Monty)

Aisha Black Mamba (Monty)

Aisha El’Chapo x KS Nevaeh

Aisha Boerboels Quality without compromise!

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